Thursday, 20 May 2010

Only in Chelsea...

There are certain things in life that only happen in affluent areas of London, Chelsea being one of them.

My current injured state requires me to visit a hospital in Chelsea every week, which is usually followed by coffee or lunch amongst Chelsea's finest stereotypes.

White trousers, regardless of the weather.

Loafers as far as the eye can see.

Dogs being carried like babies.

Glamorous older ladies top to toe in matching couture.

Enormous leather bags with nothing in them.

Middle aged women who's faces show no emotion or signs of movement.

Mafia men wannabes with oily slick back hair, sunglasses, blue jeans and white shirts.

Now I'm a little scared to run around with my iPhone taking pictures of each if these stereotypes, the security guards probably wouldn't approve of my casual observations! But next time you're in Chelsea, or Primrose Hill or Hampstead just sit, have a coffee and count the cliches.

It might be fun.
I <3 people watching (and I'm kinda jealous, if I had the money, I'd probably end up the same)!


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