Thursday, 20 May 2010

Only in Chelsea...

There are certain things in life that only happen in affluent areas of London, Chelsea being one of them.

My current injured state requires me to visit a hospital in Chelsea every week, which is usually followed by coffee or lunch amongst Chelsea's finest stereotypes.

White trousers, regardless of the weather.

Loafers as far as the eye can see.

Dogs being carried like babies.

Glamorous older ladies top to toe in matching couture.

Enormous leather bags with nothing in them.

Middle aged women who's faces show no emotion or signs of movement.

Mafia men wannabes with oily slick back hair, sunglasses, blue jeans and white shirts.

Now I'm a little scared to run around with my iPhone taking pictures of each if these stereotypes, the security guards probably wouldn't approve of my casual observations! But next time you're in Chelsea, or Primrose Hill or Hampstead just sit, have a coffee and count the cliches.

It might be fun.
I <3 people watching (and I'm kinda jealous, if I had the money, I'd probably end up the same)!


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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Crimes of fashion

I have seen this crime far too many times in my 24 years on this planet. It is worse than any celebrity fashion victim, worse than a VPL, even worse than the increase of the camel toe!!

What am I talking about? What has my iPhone camera been witness to this morning, and so many other mornings?


Oh yes I'm ranting...about TRAINERS AND SKIRTS!!!!

It's everywhere and I cannot understand it. Ok well I understand the need to not wear heels to and from work (even though I do) but there is never a need for hideous trainers and a nice smart skirt, even worse with a summer dress.

This is what ballet flats were invented for!!

They're inexpensive, come in all sorts if colours and, actually take up less room in your bag during the day!

Check out
Cute ballet pumps that fold up into your bag. 100s of colours!!

See there's no excuse!!!

Rant over :-) sort it out ladies!!


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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Next to Normal - therapy

Make up your mind to explore yourself.
Make up your mind you have stories to tell.
Search in your past for what sorrows may last
Then make up your mind to be well.

Make up your mind to live stronger now.
Make up your mind, let the truth be revealed.
Admit what you've lost and live with the cost,
At times it does hurt to be healed.

Make up your mind you want clarity.
Take what you know and then make it make sense.
Admit what you fear and soon it comes clear
The visions are just your defense.

Make up your mind to be free at last.
Make up your mind to be truly alive.
Embrace what's inside, replace what has died
And make up your mind to survive.

I didn't write this, it's adapted from the song 'Make up your mind/Catch me I'm falling' from the Broadway show 'Next to Normal'.

This song is part if a woman's therapy for coping with her son's death and her own bipolar state. I find the lyrics worth reading and actually quite inspiring. Having mental health problems and depression isn't always your fault, but to get better a decision must be make up your mind and listen to the words. I did.


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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Take your camera everywhere!!!

....You never know what you will find as you wonder through life.

A spooky observation tower...

A deserted English beach...

Or just the sunlight on your wall as it sets...

Keep your eyes open people! The world can be beautiful if you look hard enough!


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The new thumb!!!

Well, so I had surgery, neglected my blogging for a while (purely cos my life felt so boring why would I wanna share it?) and then thought, why not tell my story through the eyes of my iPhone camera?!

So here it is, the progress of my new thumb joint, taken over the last 7 weeks.

1 Day post surgery, horrible pain, nasty painkillers! Wanna be a zombie?! Take Tramadol :-S

1 Week post surgery, an intolerance to the painkillers was discovered, so off them, off with fat cast and on with a new lighter, prettier cast (oh and happy birthday to me)

4 Weeks post surgery, more pain, not good! Cast taken off and replaces with a much more boring one....then graffiti-ed as appropriate!

Day of 2nd surgery! Local anaesthetic, not fun but better than a general!

1 Day post 2nd surgery....pain good but my wrist looks tiny!!

1 Week post 2nd surgery. The new thumb joint gets some air!! Stitches out tomorrow then everyone hope and pray that I can move it!

More on life through my iPhone's eyes as it develops. This could be fun!!