Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The new thumb!!!

Well, so I had surgery, neglected my blogging for a while (purely cos my life felt so boring why would I wanna share it?) and then thought, why not tell my story through the eyes of my iPhone camera?!

So here it is, the progress of my new thumb joint, taken over the last 7 weeks.

1 Day post surgery, horrible pain, nasty painkillers! Wanna be a zombie?! Take Tramadol :-S

1 Week post surgery, an intolerance to the painkillers was discovered, so off them, off with fat cast and on with a new lighter, prettier cast (oh and happy birthday to me)

4 Weeks post surgery, more pain, not good! Cast taken off and replaces with a much more boring one....then graffiti-ed as appropriate!

Day of 2nd surgery! Local anaesthetic, not fun but better than a general!

1 Day post 2nd surgery....pain good but my wrist looks tiny!!

1 Week post 2nd surgery. The new thumb joint gets some air!! Stitches out tomorrow then everyone hope and pray that I can move it!

More on life through my iPhone's eyes as it develops. This could be fun!!

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